Courses offered by Department of Computer Science

M.Sc. Computer Science

Duration : 2 years (4 Semesters)

Seats : 20

Eligibility : Graduation from any recognized with at least 50 % marks

M.Sc. Cyber Security

Duration : 2 years (4 Semesters)

Seats : 20

Eligibility : Graduates possessing 50% marks in any faculty of any statutory university who have studied Computer Science/ Computer Application as a main or vocational subject for three years of their graduation

M.Sc. Computer Science (Lateral Entry)

Duration : 1 years (Annual in MSCCSLE )

Seats : 20

Eligibility : PGDCA or equivalent from any recognized University

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

Duration : 1 years (Annual in PGDCA)

Seats : 20

Eligibility : Graduates possessing 50% marks in any faculty of any statutory university

Computer Science

Head Of Department

Prof. Anil Kumar Chhangani

Professor, Environmental Science Head ,Department of Computer Science (Additional Charge)

Contact : 9829189263

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Dr. Jyoti Lakhani

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Contact : 9887253020

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Teaching Staff

Fauja Singh

Assistant Professor

Contact : 8114462552

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Amresh Singh

Assistant Professor

Contact : 9460679773

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Non Teaching Staff

Smt. Deepa Rao

Technical Assistant

Contact : 9887253020

Sh. Hameer Singh Bhati

Technical Assistant

Contact : 9251344066

S. Wakta Ram Gamethi

Senior Assisatnt

Contact : 7727976664

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The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2011 with an objective to produce Computer Science and IT professionals for software industries, research and educational institutions. Today Information Technology and Computer Application courses have become pervasive, while its parent, Computing Science, has become hard to find. Instead of becoming specialty providers for the IT industry or mass producers of vocationally trained personnel, our Department has chosen to take the road less travelled. We have started with the pristine science that lies under the diverse aspects of computing. This is the single most important feature of the education offered here.  The department has tried to develop a distinctive style and method that bridges the theory-practice divide.


As the technology changes rapidly, it is necessary for a student to be clear and thorough about the fundamentals. Through sound Fundamentals, they can adapt to the rapid changes in the technology easily.


The mission of the department is to give our students a fundamental knowledge of computer science and make them more comfortable with the practical subjects so that they can choose computer science as its carrier.

Academic Programmes offered by the Department

The Department of computer Science offers following Courses-


S.No. Course Duration Seats Eligibility
1. M.Sc.


Computer Science

2 years


(4 Semesters)

20 Graduation from any recognized with at least 50 % marks
2. M.Sc. Cyber Security 2 years


(4 Semesters)

20 Graduates possessing 50% marks in any faculty of any statutory university who have studied Computer Science/ Computer Application as a main or vocational subject for three years of their graduation
3 M.Sc. Computer Science (Lateral Entry) 1 years


(Annual in MSCCSLE )

20 PGDCA or equivalent from any recognized University
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications 1 years


(Annual in PGDCA)

20 Graduates possessing 50% marks in any faculty of any statutory university

Admission to these courses is based on purely merit basis.

Teaching and Non-teaching Staff

Faculty Members

S.No. Photo Name of the Faculty Contact Information
1   Ms. Jyoti Lakhani


Assistant Professor & Head




2   Shri Fauja Singh


Assistant Professor




3   Shri Amresh Kumar Singh






Technical Staff

S.No. Photo Post Name Name of the Staff
1   Technical Assistant Ms. Deepa Rao
2   Technical Assistant Ms. Rekha Vyas
3   LDC Wakta Ram

Teaching Methodology

The department emphases on following teaching methodologies-

  • Lectures

Lectures are given in explanatory way with summarizing major points and in easy to outline way. OHP slides and LCD projectors are also used.

  • Discussion

The department encourage class discussion. Students are invited to share their knowledge and experience through discussions.

  • Practical

This helps the students to understand the concepts taught in the classroom in practical way. It helps the students to implement their own code snippets. The time spend in practical laboratory enhance programming skills and creativity in students.

  • Projects

By designing projects, students are encouraged for self-learning and explore unlearned areas of the course curriculum as well as the areas not in syllabus

  • Unit Tests

Unit tests help students to prepare for the exams timely. Unit tests followed by interaction session with the faculty, enhance the Question Answering habits in the students and also make students understand that how to write answers in exams.

  • E-learning Teaching Aids

Students are provided with Electronic notes and tutorials

  • Student Seminars

Computing Facilities

S.No. Item
1 Dell  Computer Systems-core  i7 Processor, LED, Dual  mode(LINUX and Windows) 40 nos
2 HCL Computer Systems – intel Dual Core Processor, HCL Keyboard, Dual  mode(LINUX and Windows) 20 nos
3. Campus Agreement with Microsoft
4 Open source Software installed in Labs-



2. OpenGL

3. GNU C++








11. Android Studio Plugin on Eclipse

12. Oracle Express Edition

13. Weka

5. 10 KVA online UPS
6. LAN Switches (L2) and Wifi Campus

Online Lectures
Subject Download
Overview of Python Download
Structure of Python Programs Download
Basics of Python Download
Basic Python Programs Download
Python Conditional Statements Download
Python loops Download
Probability_for_DAR AS Download
Basic_of_R AS Download
DAR_lecture2_slides AS Download
DAR_lecture3_5_slides AS Download
DAR_lecture6-10_slides AS Download
flipflops-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
DS03 Part I Algorithms - By Jyoti Lakhani Download
DS02 Flow Chart and Pseudo Code - By Jyoti Lakhani Download
DS01 Data Structure- Introduction - By Jyoti Lakhani Download
deadlocks - By Jyoti Lakhani Download
cyber crime and cyber security-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
concurrencycontrol - By Jyoti Lakhani Download
Transmission Media-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
The Future Model of Higher Education- By Jyoti Lakhani Download
Stack and Queue-Poish Notation- By Jyoti Lakhani Download
Searching Methodologies-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
OSI Model-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
OSI Layers-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
Memory Management-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
Logic Gates and Logical Circuits-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
lecture5-Java Programming-Control Statements-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
lecture3-Java Programming Basics-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
lecture2-Java Programming Basics-By Jyoti Lakhani Download
javaprogramming-introduction -By Jyoti Lakhani Download
DS07 - Stack- Intro and Array Representation Download
DS03-Algorithms_Jyoti-Lakhani Download
DS04-Abstract-Data-Types-_ADT__Jyoti-Lakhani Download
DS06 - Linked List- Intro and Create a Node Download
DS08- Queue - Intro and Array Representation Download
IDS_003 Attacks Download
IDS_004_CVE Download
IDS_005_Computer-Viruses Download
Linear_Linked_List_create_node Download
Linear_Linked_List_insert_begin Download
queue_array_implementation Download
stack_array_implementation Download

Student Support
title PDF/Link
M.Sc. Computer Science Semester System Download
M.Sc. Computer Science LOCF Link

Students Attendance Data Here

Placement Details DCS__

Sr.No. Student Name Class Work Place Mobile No. Photo
1 Jyoti Goyal M.Sc.Cyber Security Sem.IV Information Assistant N/A
2 Vikash Purohit M.Sc.CS Sem.IV Askin Softech G-10 Parshavnath Plaza, Rani Bazar Road, Near Railway Station, Bikaner-334001 N/A
3 Sandeep Kumar M.Sc.CS Sem.IV 75way Technologies Private Limited Panchkulla N/A
4 Naveen kumar Kharwal M.Sc.CS Sem.IV GeeksforGeeks Aunit of ‘Sanchhaya Education Pvt.Ltd.’ 6th Floor, Royal Kapsons, A 188 Sector 136, Noida N/A
5 Praveen Tripathi M.Sc.CS Sem.IV Lyall Pubkic School Gharsisar, Bikaner N/A
6 Rahul Ranjan M.Sc.CS Sem.IV Computer Instructor N/A

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