Deans Of Students Welfare

The office of the Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) has been established in accordance with the provisions of the University Act and Statutes. It has an administrative setup of Dean Students’ Welfare, Associate Dean Students’ Welfare and supporting office staff. The sole objective of the office of the Dean, Students’ welfare is to provide facilities, scope and opportunities for the inclusive development of the students. This office ensures the congenial environment for the students in the campus and provides advice and support to them for their intellectual, social and cultural development. The University has a well-defined Students’ council system aiming to develop leadership qualities and sense of service among the students. The students’ council comprises of four office bearers namely President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary who are elected through direct ballot system by the students of the University campus. The DSW acts as Chief Election officer for the elections of the students’ union and his office is responsible for the smooth and fair conduction of these elections. This office promotes the members of the students’ council to help the other students of the campus in sharing their concerns, interests and ideas among themselves, with the faculty concern and administration. Under the flag of DSW office, members of the students’ union play a leading role in managing events related to the academics and other curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities. Similarly, a research representative is elected to represent the Research Scholars.

DSW office caries out multifaceted roles pertaining to the matters related to the academics and cultural activities of the campus students. It organizes various cultural activities, literary activities, awareness programs, celebrates national festivals and birth/death anniversaries of the great Indian personalities/ leaders, cleanliness and plantation drives and many other programs in the University Campus. The DSW office acquaints the students with different schemes of the University, State and Union Government. This office also acts as the authority to issue the students’ Identity cards. The members of this office also work to redress the grievances of the students or unanticipated complications that students may face in the campus. Another important work of this office is to assist the Proctorial Board of the University in maintaining the Discipline in the campus. The DSW and ADSW are integral part of the Anti-Ragging Squad of the University which works to curb the menace of ragging in the campus.

The members of students’ council for the academic year 2019-2020 are:

Statuary Warning: Any type of teasing, ragging, molestation, alcohol consumption, smoking and violence/ misbehavior with the fellow students or staff members of the University is strictly prohibited in the University campus. Students are advised not to indulge themselves in any such activities or get involved in any other task that can defame the reputation of the University. Doing so would attract strict disciplinary actions including expulsion from the University. Depending upon the severity of the reported incidence other strict legal actions including logging of FIR could also be initiated..