Fine Arts Drawing and Painting

Head Of Department

Prof. Rajaram Choyal


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Dr. Meghna Sharma

( Assistant Professor & Coordinator)

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Department of Drawing and Painting


To make arts ( Drawing and Painting ) inclusive and meaningful through creative and technological innovations, integrated with visual, oral and written communication.


To promote the visual arts by fostering critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, effective communication, cultural awareness, and community engagement

Programmes Offered

Programmes Duration Seats Eligibility
M.A Drawing and Painting 2 Years 20 Graduate in any discipline in 48% marks

The M.A Drawing and Painting programme is designed to assist students in the application and understanding of technical, formal and conceptual issues in historical and contemporary drawing and painting. It provides richness and complexity to learning by engaging students in the study of artistic processes, the construction of knowledge, and critical reflection.The course comprises four semesters spread over two years. The programme helps the students to enhance their drawing skills and focus towards learning practical strategies for converting their imaginations into painting composition.

Objectives of this Programme are:

  • To train students in identifying and developing their own style and medium at advanced level to become a professional artist.
  • To provide opportunities to students in identifying and developing their own style and medium at advanced level to become a professional Artist.
  • To critically study various styles and modes of art expressions from different periods: both historical and contemporary.
  • To provide basic knowledge of Art management and marketing to achieve professional standards of excellence.


A drawing career allows one to use creativity to deliver messages through images, a service that is required in many different industries. Some possible professional opportunities in this field include working as an illustrator, sketch artist or cartoonist. An illustrator provides images to go along with a prewritten text or piece of media, such as illustrations created for books, magazines or other art forms.

Sketch artists create pencil portraits of people or objects, sometimes lending their talents to police services in order to create an image from composite descriptions. Cartoonists create static and moving images to go along with a story, such as animating characters for a children’s cartoon. They need to have an excellent grasp of the technologies typically used in their field as well as strong artistic skills.

Our Strengths:

The M.A program offered by the university presents many benefits -including knowledge in artistic communication, creative problem solving and the ability to actively explore the boundaries of illustrations. Through intensive studio practice and critical dialogue with peers, faculty and visiting artists, students are encouraged to broaden their awareness and develop their own personal expression. Students can also gain the ability to discuss a drawing’s purpose and its currency potential.

  • The M.A programme is committed to the process of creating over the product we yield.
  • We develop a lifelong aptitude and desire to learn, explore, create and invent.
  • We encourage students to experiment, persevere and arrive at their own unique solution while promoting skill building, discovery, and innovation.
  • Incorporating art history, contemporary art and different art forms into the curriculum exposes students to global awareness and viewpoints other than their own.
  • Working in a collaborative peer-learning environment, students develop creative problem solving skills, self-expression, and visual literacy.  

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