Centre for Women Studies


Dr. Santosh Kanwar Shekhawat


Centre for Women’s Studies of Maharaja Ganga Singh University was established in Academic Session 2017-2018. It aims to promote activities related to empowerment of Women, feminism, programs aiming at gender equality keeping an objective to support women from all strata of society to understand their inner potentials and to create a more gender-just society.


Centre for Women’s Studies aims to and intends to provide a flourishing interdisciplinary environment for attaining information and allied activities on a wide range of Women’s issues focusing and supporting women, inside and outside campus to understand their inner potentials.


The Centre has adopted a women centered and Interdisciplinary approach by drawing on a range of disciplines like history, cultural studies, local language promotion, sociology on one hand as well as science and technology with those gender, culture and society. The centre aims to be a perfect blend of scholastic and action programmes related to gender sensitization, women’s empowerment and capacity building. Keeping in mind, that gender sensitization creates the necessary base for balanced perspectives on social construction, the centre intends to initiate and implement appropriate environment for uplifting women through awareness programmes, advocacy of women rights and action towards the same.

Goals :
  • To carry out programmes and projects that would help in formulation of policy and development of action for Government and NGO Sectors.
  • Stimulate and augument knowledge about gender, race, ethnicity and class as well as sexual identity and cultural influence on women’s lives.
  • Organize programmes (Seminars/Conferences/Discussions) that addresses and advocates gender related issues which our society id facing today.
  • Generate an introspective eye towards and document the gender related problems by establishing a network and collaboration among scholars and academic community across universities and academic institutions, governmental and non- governmental organizations that enrich the intellectual environment of the university.
  • To improve the working climate for women faculty members, administrative and non- teaching staff of the university as well as the students.


Centre For Woman Activities.